How To Get Dark Ether Cane. To find the dark ether cane ingredient, players will need to find and eliminate scorn enemies. There doesn’t seem to be a set number of fallen enemies.

How to get Dark Ether Cane for ShaDough in Destiny 2
How to get Dark Ether Cane for ShaDough in Destiny 2 from

You need dark ether cane to craft gifts for powerful gear bounties. Any help would be appreciated. An excellent place to find scorn enemies is on the tangled shore and dreaming city.

In Destiny 2, An Event Called Dawning 2021 Provides Players With An Option To Make Some Treats.

You can typically find scorn in the tangled shore and teleporting straight to thieves’ landing, where they’re available all. Kill the scorn enemies out in the world and that way you can get dark ether cane. The only way to get it is by defeating fallen enemies.

This Video Shows How To Get Dark Ether Cane For Eva's Holiday Oven In Destiny 2.

One of the core ingredients for several recipes is dark ether cane, and you can only obtain it from beating scorn enemies. You can do this with any weapon, or energy type, so it might make sense to farm for other ingredients at the same time. These enemies are plentiful in dreaming city, as well as in the lost sector of tangled shore.

All You Have To Do Is Go To Areas With High Fallen Enemy Spawns And Defeat Them.

Dawning requires you to farm dark ether cane. They spawn quickly right outside the church and there is a lost sector that you can jump into easily that also. The scorn can be found all over the dreaming city, as well as other areas of the game.

There Are Plenty Of Places To Find Scorn, But Some Are Simply Better Than.

Thanks to everyone who posted. Like all the items in the game, dark ether cane can only be obtained as a drop from enemies. However, the game doesn't require you to use a specific weapon or energy type, so you are.

To Find The Dark Ether Cane Ingredient, Players Will Need To Find And Eliminate Scorn Enemies.

They can be found in public events in tangled shore. The first recommended location for dark ether cane is the dreaming city, with its rift generator public event providing a particularly good opportunity for farming the ingredient. For those who are getting sick of trying to find scorn to kill for dark ether cane, here’s a solution.

How To Get Dark Ether Cane
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